mercredi 26 septembre 2018

MX-80 SOUND - Big Hits - Hard Pop From The Hoosiers

MX-80 Sound, groupe de Bloomington, Indiana formé en 1975 par Bruce Anderson (guitar), Jeff Armour (drums), Dave Mahoney (drums), Dale Sophiea (bass) & Rich Stim (vocals, saxophone). Leur premier EP sort en 1976 chez Barbecue Records, difficile à classer, une énergie incroyable, des riffs de guitare killer, un sax lorgnant vers le free jazz,  tout ça soutenu par une rythmique à deux batteries, sept titres logés sur un 45 t. Fabuleux EP, visionnaire, proche de la No Wave New Yorkaise, des Minutemen, Cows ...

A1_Train To Loveland
A2_You Turn Me On I'm A Sex Machine
A4_'Till Death Do Us Part

B1_Myonga Von Bontee
B2_Boy Trouble Girl Trouble
B3_Tidal Wave


3 commentaires:

  1. Back in 1981 I wrote the band a letter and offered to start a MX-80 fan club. They sent me a copy of this EP and essentially said not to bother starting a fan club! I love this record, especially "Tidal Wave". Thank you for sharing this. Bruce and Dale still perform together to this day.

    1. Hi Jonder,

      "TidalWave" is an incisive track & my favorite one too in this EP. This band was a vanguard in The Underground U.S. somewhere between the team of Subterranean Records, the no wave stuff and free rock...

  2. Thanks a million for this. Read about the band decades ago but only recently got to hear the Crowd Control Lp, very impressed, looking forward to hearing this.