lundi 31 juillet 2017


Souvent citée dans ce blog, la compilation "Streets" parue en novembre 77 sur Beggars Banquet a parfaitement capturé l'esprit punk à travers des groupes devenus des classiques.
"1977 was the year that the music came out of the concert halls and onto the streets; when independant labels sprang out of the woodwork to feed new tastes; when rock music once again became about energy and fun, when the major's boardrooms lost control. Sudenly we could do anything"

V/A: STREETS  (1977)

A1_The Doll - Trash
A2_The Members - Fear on the Streets
A3_The Lurkers - Be My Prisoner
A4_Arthur Comics? - Isgodaman
A5_Art Attacks - Arabs in 'Arrads
A6_The Dogs - 19
A7_The Reaction - Talk Talk Talk Talk
A8_Cane - College Girls

B1_Slaughter and the Dogs - Cranked Up Really High
B2_The Nosebleeds - Ain't Bin to No Music School
B3_The Drones - Lookalikes
B4_The Zeros - Hungry
B5_The Pork Dukes - Bend and Flush
B6_The Exile - Disastermovie
B7_Drive - Jerkin'
B8_John Cooper Clarke - Innocents
B9_Tractor - No More Rock n' Roll


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